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Internet rules: more Argentines join these online courses to train and improve their salaries

Internet rules: more Argentines join these online courses to train and improve their salaries

Internet rules: more Argentines join these online courses to train and improve their salaries
Before contracted by organizations of all kinds. And the options for acquiring this knowledge grow quickly and based on practice.
15.05.2019 19.11hs Innovación

In a context in which unemployment threatens to surpass the two digits and the labor profile that the companies demand is reconfigured, there are certain disciplines that "sting in tip" in terms of demand.In particular, there is one that is at the top of the various rankings of the consultants and is a true reflection of the great need on the part of organizations to add these profiles.

"More and more companies require people with knowledge of digital marketing," says Sebastián Siseles, international vice president of the platform for independent professionals Freelancer.com.

This boom has led to the expansion of the strong offer of short careers, both in person and online, to be trained in this subject.

Daniel Iriarte, co-founder of the executive management consultant Glue Executive Search, agrees with this diagnosis. "Currently, within the pool of profiles that demand us, digital marketing occupies a place on the podium", trusts iProUP.

According to his analysis, "the online channel is the place where companies are targeting their business strategies, so that they gain in attractiveness and generate more income, today they need more than ever to add people who have that know-how".

Mara Schmitman, CEO of Human Resources consultancy Schmitman HR, also assures that "companies are looking for these profiles, since this specialty has been consolidated as a discipline in itself".

"Organizations require people who not only have knowledge in this field, but also have skills linked to adaptability and ability to respond to problems," the executive adds.

For Iriarte, "the digital channel is the newest and is the place where companies are pointing their business strategies" and adds that "within the pool of digital profiles that demand us, digital marketing is one of the main ones".

"To be attractive, today requires Marketing professionals to have digital know-how, which means that traditional marketing, where knowledge of traditional channels such as ATL and BTL, point of sale and traditional media is valued, is valued. is reconverting and is adding strongly the knowledge about the digital world ", completes the expert.

 This new "need" of companies is related to the fierce advance of electronic commerce, which in Argentina grew almost 50% in 2018, according to a study by Kantar TNS for the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

The high penetration of the Internet and the intensive use of social networks are two factors that make it possible to approach a series of topics that, at the same time, are key variables for companies that need to increase their presence in the digital universe.

Knowing the functioning of the different platforms, analyzing the behavior of the audience, knowing which are the most convenient online channels to give a message or promote a product, to which assign more resources (time and money) are some of them.

In this framework, Schmitman recommends firms that are hiring these profiles to focus on the soft skills of the candidates, their knowledge and the management they make of their own social networks.How and where to study

The need for organizations to incorporate people with these skills into their ranks has led to an exponential growth in the number of digital marketing courses. In all cases, it is learned based on practice, since the objective is that these acquired knowledge can be applied immediately in the workplace.In the case of this particular institution, it has three proposals:

- One for beginners, whose focus is to deepen the use of social networks (from taking performance indicators as a reference) and which is the most efficient way to advertise or transmit a message. The duration is 4 months

- Another is advanced digital marketing, aimed at people who already have certain knowledge and want to continue training to improve the performance of their strategies. The use of chatbots, programming media, marketing with influencers and storytelling is addressed in depth. The course also extends 4 months

- The third is an executive program (digital marketing immersion) and is aimed at managers, leaders and CEOs interested in understanding how the work of the digital marketing team works and being part of it. The program lasts two months"It is designed for those who need to strategically understand this discipline that is so relevant to all companies," Mackinlay notes.

According to data from this organization, the number of students enrolled in these three courses increased by 82% during the first semester of 2019 compared to the same period of the previous year.

Acámica is another of the centers dedicated to training in "4.0" skills. In this case, digital marketing is not available for companies and not for the general public.

Regarding the digital marketing program, he assures that what most interests students is to learn to analyze data, compared with questions related to aesthetics and creativity.

Another option is Coderhouse, which has a six-month course that, in reality, consists of a series of courses. That is, the student can study the modules that comprise it separately or form their digital marketing career incorporating these trainings:

- Advanced Network Advertising

- Content Marketing

In addition, they have related workshops such as neuromarketing & neuroventas; Instagram marketing and influencers marketing.

"Of all the proposals, those that arouse most interest are those related to the management of social networks and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)", tells iProUP Christián Patiño, CEO and co-founder of CoderHouse.In this institution, the courses are face-to-face. They affirm that the number of students in this career grew close to 50% year-on-year. "We provide students with an online platform of all class material to complement what is seen and supported during the course, and they have access to this system for life," he adds.Other options

There are alternatives that are dictated entirely online, such as the tutorials offered by Google for the use of its tools. iProUP contacted the company to deepen on the subject, but the sources consulted preferred not to disclose data.

Those who have a knowledge base can opt for Udemy, which requires an intermediate level from the student. In this case, the focus is on analyzing how the largest companies to generate income through the Internet. It also has online options for beginners.

Of course, there are proposals to learn how to use specific tools. For example, Austral University has a course on the fundamental concepts and advanced techniques of Google AdWords, aimed at those who are only interested in creating, publishing and optimizing campaigns to promote brands, products or services.

The lessons also delve into both the search network and the Display network, detailing its theoretical and practical aspects. Meanwhile, the Technological Center of Monterrey, Mexico, offers a course of Introduction to social networks, which provides a solid knowledge in the development of strategies required in an organization to involve consumers and members in an environment of social listening.

According to this institution, participants obtain an overview of digital tools and critical and analytical skills to select the social network platform that best suits their needs in order to manage a successful digital project.The options are varied, both in regard to the modality of course and the duration and the agenda. Faced with this, Moreno Puig warns: "We see that the market is flooded with proposals linked to learn digital marketing, just as at the time was to have paddle courts or a craft brewery today."

According to the executive, this is a problem because sometimes the interested parties find it difficult to choose the best option.

In view of the number of alternatives, when choosing a proposal it is convenient to analyze not only "obvious" variables, such as durations, costs and curricula, but other fundamental questions: if the institution has an employment exchange, networking activities or , for the presence, the quality and equipment of their facilities.

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